Angelo Colosso

He was born in San Donà di Piave, a few kilometres from Venice, Italy.
After completing his language studies, his entrepreneurial and competitive spirit leads him to make his debut in the world of work in the commercial area, obtaining successes in different sectors. Thanks to the hard experience in the field, his tenacity and ability to achieve goals, he learns the secrets of the refined art of sales, of which he becomes a master.
In 2000, even before the opening of the free Energy market, he enters this industry as a real pioneer, and with the same philosophy that still guides his work: enabling Companies to be more competitive by reducing their energy costs and improving people's welfare.
Thanks to this focus he has been chosen by important national level Companies for his super partes consulting with respect to the different Energy suppliers and for implementing strategies aimed to reduce consumptions.
Over time, many have tried to copy his ideas, but thanks to his foresight and his ability to anticipate the future, these have always come too late, when, meanwhile in the Colosso home new solutions were already beginning to upset the market once again.
Today, Angelo continues to be the creative mind and the innovative spirit within the Companies that he manages, and the bulwark of inspiration both for the young employees of the Colosso Group, whom he continues to train with all his experience, and for those of the long course.

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