Why LEDs

The economic crisis and the general decline of consumptions in the last decade has definitely created the need to manage in a more cautious way with respect to the past the economic balance of one’s own Company.
It is absolutely no longer possible to sail at sight because the competition is becoming increasingly tough, the profit margins are lower and lower, while the taxation levels are higher and higher.
We frankly say that today to carry on a business activity becomes a true heroism while it becomes increasingly easy to lose in competitiveness compared to more structured competitors.

The energy costs for lighting in many Companies are an important item in the budget, where every month thousands of Euros are spent. At times, the waste in this area increases significantly the costs by 30-40% (and over).



The solution

The LED is an electronic device that transforms the current that crosses it into light and heat, heat that is not radiated but dissipated through a special fairing. The main features are:
* At parity of emitted illumination, the absorbed power is much lower with respect to conventional lighting systems and consequently the energy saving is therefore economic and up to 20 times lower than that of conventional bulbs.
* The duration of our LED products is more than 75,000 hours, and this is another feature among the most interesting of this new technology. Filament bulbs do not exceed 1,000 hours while those with fluorescence do not exceed 5,000 hours.
* The LED products do not radiate heat (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) and therefore the irradiated materials can never be damaged or altered in their structure.
* The LED bulbs do not contain substances harmful to the environment such as lead, nitrogen or mercury, which are instead present in conventional bulbs.
* The LED bulbs already meet the European Directives that will become mandatory from 2015, when the fluorescent bulbs will be out of production and dumped for their pollutant content.

The LED points of strength

* Economic, ecological and energy sustainability;
* it represents an innovation, both for quality and for excellence in lighting
* it allows an environmental improvement of lighting (CRI).

The technical advantages of the LED

* Quick and instant turning on, even at low temperatures (- 40 °C).
* Wide operating voltage range.
* Total increased security.
* Qualitative/quantitative lighting improvement.
* Increased perception of the outlines on the seat (CRI).
* Reduction of the electric current on power lines, with reduction of the losses by the Joule effect, and possibility of extension of the installation.
* LED life expectancy: 50,000 hours.
* LED life is not affected by the number of turning on/turning off.
* No alteration of colours exposed to light, and of the surrounding areas temperature (light without IR and UV).
* Insensitive to moisture and vibrations.

The LED economic benefits

* Cost savings on energy consumptions.
* No maintenance costs.
* Reduction of the contractual power supply with the supplying power company.

LED relamping and energy saving

The term Led Relamping indicates a new way to obtain the Energy Saving: the replacement of all the traditional bulbs contained in a building, for example the incandescent or the halogen bulbs, with only LED technology bulbs.
The Led Relamping therefore is a new strategy aimed in reducing the electrical energy consumption, by saving costs on the electricity bill, thanks to the LED.
The LED technology in fact, even though only known recently, is still widely studied and it became well known right away thanks to its unique characteristics such as:
* Reduced consumptions of energy resources, up to 85% less than traditional bulbs.
* Durability is significantly higher than traditional bulbs (up to 20 years) resulting in no maintenance at all.
* Increased light intensity and quality.
* Decreased waste and therefore greater environmental sustainability.

The features of the LED bulbs related to the particular reduction of costs, against higher performance, have meant that this type of light is spreading like wildfire across Europe, by quickly replacing conventional bulbs: it is undoubtedly the technology of future lighting.
For this reason the LED Relamping is an operation that begins to be ever more on demand, in the face of a growing awareness of the savings that can be achieved with LED lights.

Project "Light at Zero Cost" by LED Project

The "Light at Zero Cost" project envisages the replacement at zero cost of the conventional lighting systems with new generation appliances that enable very high energy savings.


The Led project has designed a lighting system that can save up to over 85% on energy costs compared to traditional lighting systems.

Many companies light their spaces with old generation systems, consuming more electrical energy and money than necessary. Many companies, despite knowing the benefits of the LED technology, are blocked because of the economic investments to be incurred.

Summarising, here is our project

* "Light at Zero Cost" is a new way to achieve the lighting systems within Companies and Bodies without any capital expenditure by the customer.
* Replacement of all the bulb elements of the old generation.
* Installation of a new generation lighting system that enables energy savings of up to over 85% compared to conventional products.
* Immediate economic benefit for the customer.
* Payment of the service fee, for the established years, through the generated savings component.
* Free maintenance of the system in all its parts, for the entire duration of the contract.

The LED project is born as a Company specialised in the LED lighting in the industrial and architectural, context, establishing itself with professionalism and competence. Careful to environmental issues, it is now one of the most active players in the Energy Savings sector.

We are at your side as a partner oriented to solutions: from feasibility analysis to the technical lighting project production, from installation to start-up and maintenance, all availing the services of serious technical and highly specialised professionals.

To better assist you, we rely on the expertise of our consultants who are deeply familiar with the applications of light thanks to years of experience in the lighting and energy sector.

Areas of intervention

* Large Scale Retail Trade
* Logistics/Parking
* Offices/Commercial Activities
* Production Sites
* Shopping Malls
* Exhibitions
* Private and Public Buildings
* Sports Facilities
* Green Areas
* Airports, Harbours, Freight Terminals
* Public Lighting
* Treatment and Wellness Centres